Meet MovStat

Analyze your customer’s behaviours
and draw conclusions regarding their movements in public spaces.

01 About Movstat

What is MovStat?

MovStat is a modern ecosystem that analyzes anonymous data about people – their number and behaviours in various spacer such as shopping malls or railway stations. Basing on video analysis MovStat provides you with data similar in its value to data gathered by the owners of online sites.

Data is presented by the intuitive web panel thanks to which drawing conclusions is easier than ever.

02 Analysis

  • Time of service and queue lengths

    Time of service and queue lengths analysis

    Searching for the answer to: How many service points should be open on the particular days of the week or time of the Day? Interested in the average service time?

    Take advantage of MovStat and monitor important KPIs that affects the customer satisfaction. Adjust the service to your customer’s needs.

  • Time spent in the particular zone

    Analysis of time spent in the particular zone

    Using heatmap, MovStat presents density of people in the particular zone. Thanks to this functionality you can identify the most popular places in analyzed time on the readable, personalized map.

    Heatmap is a tool that helps a.o. in analyzing marketing activities, monitoring most attractive spacer or planning actions related to public safety.

  • Most popular paths

    Presentation of the most popular paths followed by customers

    The way your customers behave and move around your shop or other space is one of the most interesting element of marketers analysis.

    Get to know paths your customers follow thanks to the individually defined gates in MovStat. Help your customers achieve their goals.

03 For whom

For every business

Searching for reliable data about your customers in stationary point? MvStat helps in making important business and marketing decisions regardless the object type.

  • tourism

    popular tourists
    objects, hotels,
    amusement parks

  • sports

    fitness clubs,

  • public

    airports, railway

  • commercial places

    super and hypermarkets, shopping malls

  • culture

    shopping galleries,
    concert halls,
    museums, theatres

  • offices

    public offices,

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