Meet MovStat

Analyse your clients' behaviour and draw conclusions about their movement in public spaces.
Use a tool that will give you real business value.

01 About

What is MovStat for?

The MovStat system analyses anonymous movement and behaviour data of people in places where your business operates. MovStat is based on camera images and software that generates statistics.

The solution is used primarily in the retail industry, but also in quick service restaurants, train stations, airports or service points and shopping malls.

02 Benefits

Benefits for business

Use MovStat to continuously monitor important parameters affecting customer satisfaction. React to customer movement in real time and draw business conclusions in the long term.

  • Find out which zones and which assortment attract customers most
  • Adjust your sales and promotional activities to your customers' activities
  • Improve the customer's purchasing experience by streamlining the service process
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in the sales process
  • Manage your employee schedule and plan your employment with real data

03 Why Movstat

Why should you choose MovStat?

The system significantly improves the operation of every business and helps in making important business and marketing decisions.

  • Sends alerts

    automatically responds
    to KPIs exceeded

  • Works in real time

    updates and displays data
    in real time

  • Open to integration

    with other systems used
    in business

  • Exports data to files

    for further business analysis

  • Has an intuitive panel

    easy to use, making data filtering convenient

  • Offers a dedicated analyst

    supports your team (premium version)

04 Technology


MovStat provides information similar in value to that obtained by web site owners. MovStat algorithms work by converting the camera image into traffic and behavioral data.

The system uses both current CCTV systems and dedicated cameras. Video analysis is supported by other new technologies, using among others machine learning algorithms.

The data is presented using an intuitive panel that makes it easier than ever to draw conclusions.

05 For whom

For every business

Looking for reliable customer data? MovStat helps you make important business and marketing decisions, regardless of the type of facility.

  • tourism

    popular tourists
    objects, hotels,
    amusement parks

  • sports

    fitness clubs,

  • public

    airports, railway

  • commercial places

    super and hypermarkets, shopping malls

  • culture

    shopping galleries,
    concert halls,
    museums, theatres

  • offices

    public offices,

06 Partnership


We cooperate with the biggest brands in Poland and in the world. We build long-term and partnership relations with our clients, which translate into joint technological and business projects.

We also focus on cooperation with research agencies, which analyze customer experience and customer flow in various locations, primarily retail outlets.

07 Contact


Want to know more about how MovStat can help your business?

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We will prepare an individual evaluation for you and answer all your questions.

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